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Holiday pay

Danes prioritise their holiday and all full time employees receive at least five weeks of paid holiday every year.

As an employee in Denmark, you are entitled to five weeks paid of holiday per year, as long as you have worked for one calendar year before the beginning of the holiday year. In Denmark, the holiday year runs from 1 May to 30 April.

If the conditions of your employment entitle you to paid holiday, you will receive your ordinary salary during holidays. It is up to you to make sure that you use up all your days of holiday before the end of the holiday year.

If you are paid by the hour, you are not to be paid during the period in which you take your holiday. Instead, you save up a holiday allowance during the year, which you then claim from FerieKonto, when you take your holiday. You cannot claim your holiday pay while you are receiving wages.

If you have not earned a full calendar year

If you have not completed a full calendar year of work, you are entitled to two days of holiday for every month you have been employed. And remember, even though you have not earned a full five-week holiday pay, you are still entitled to take up to five weeks per year as unpaid holiday.

Holiday pay when changing jobs

If you change jobs, you take the right to holiday pay with you. Your previous employer must calculate the holiday allowance to which you are entitled. The employer then transfers the amount to ‘FerieKonto’ or issues a holiday card to the employee. In both cases, the amount due is paid to you at a later date when the holiday is taken.

If you leave Denmark, the money can be paid out before you leave.