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Denmark has a well-functioning infrastructure and public transport system. At the same time, Denmark is one of the most bicycle- friendly countries in the world.

Danes ride their bicycles all year long. And especially in the large Danish cities, where finding a parking space for your car can be difficult, it is very popular to ride a bike to work.

This being said, Denmark also has a large and well-functioning public transport system. The Danish public transport system makes it possible for commuters to reach their workplace within a fair limit of time, either by train, bus or Metro.

If you plan to use public transportation in Denmark, you can find out more on the website Rejseplanen (English as option).

Driving in Denmark

Most people who own a car in Denmark either purchase or rent one. If you want to bring a foreign car to Denmark it must be registered at the Danish tax authorities (SKAT) within 30 days. In this process you must pay a registration tax.

If you want to drive a car in Denmark, you may need to exchange your foreign driver’s license with a Danish one at your local municipal citizen service centre. Depending on where your driver’s license has been issued you may need to take a supervised driving test in Denmark. Contact your local citizen service centre for more information about supervised driving tests or read more about foreign driving licences at the Danish Road Safety Agency.

As a cross-border worker you can use your driving license from your home country.